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A Few of My Favorite Things February 17, 2012

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A question I get all the time when I talk about drinking Herbalife shakes a consistently is, “What if I don’t like it?” and “What if I get tired of it?”

Well, my answer to that is you won’t get tired of it as long as the creativity is flowing, my friend.

While the soy-based protein shakes offer a lot of flavors (like mint chocolate, wild berry, cookies n’ cream, etc), since I drink the whey-based protein the only flavors I get are chocolate and vanilla. That could get boring fast.

So, I buy the vanilla and get a little add crazy. Here are some of my favorite things to put in my shakes.



  • Frozen or fresh fruit (the usual suspects: blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, peaches, etc)
  • Plain Greek yogurt (sometimes I add a little pure maple syrup to the yogurt too)
  • Raw oatmeal (don’t knock it till ya try it)
  • Apple juice (I use my juicer)
  • Orange juice (again with the juicer)
  • Bananas (I add one to every shake I make no matter what it is. Just because I like the flavor and it seems to even out the vanilla flavor)
  • Dark chocolate chips (you gotta get the good stuff)
  • Dark Chocolate Brownie Batter Dip

Depending on the flavor you are going for spices can make for a yummy shake too. I use vanilla, cinnamon and nutmeg a lot.

Extracts are good too. Try a little peppermint extract with the dark chocolate chips or the brownie batter dip. Or maybe some almond extract with the oatmeal and vanilla.

Seriously, just go with it.




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